The Need For Fresh Water

Fresh, clean water is something that we in the states take for granted. In Malawi and Mozambique, women and children often walk 5 or more miles each way, several times a day, to get fresh water for their family. The return trips, carrying 40 pounds of water, leave them vulnerable to attacks. For the past decade, Eugene First Church of the Nazarene has been working with local leaders in Malawi and Mozambique to install fresh water wells in villages. This year we are hosting the 3rd annual “Race for the Water” to raise funds for more wells. Net proceeds from the event will go directly to installing wells. Thanks to our sponsors, all overhead costs should be covered allowing registration to directly impact our brothers and sisters in Africa.


Saturday April 6, 2019

This is a hybrid race.  Runners choice - Do a 5K Cross country course in the mud and over hay bales.  Do a 5K road and trail race.  Or do a 10K hybrid running 5K in the mud and 5K on the road - your choice on the order of the run.  One of the only races of its kind all year in Lane County!

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