Our Logo

What makes EFCN unique?  No matter who you ask, the same idea rises to the surface.  Guests and long-time attenders agree.  We are friendly.  We are welcoming.  We open our doors to everyone.  In essence, this is a place – a church – a faith family – for you, no matter your current life circumstances.

You are here.

This is a place for you.  It’s a place you can belong.  It’s a place you can call home.

You are here.

You are in a unique place on your spiritual journey.  We are all traveling together toward the same goal of Christ-likeness, but your journey is unlike anyone else’s.  No matter where you are today, EFCN is a place to encounter Jesus, to grow, to take the next step.

Our logo represents the “you are here” concept with a simple map marker image that is easy to recognize.  The sweeping line reminds us that no matter where we are on our spiritual journey, there is always more to come.