EFCN Youth


Being a teenager is difficult. There are many frustrations and temptations that influence our young people on a day-to-day basis. Here at EFCN, we want to provide a safe place for teens to generate and cultivate an authentic relationship with Christ, we also want to create a space for teens to support one another through the hardships in life. Lastly, it is our hearts desire to extend the hope, healing, and wholeness of Christ to those around us.

We meet on Wednesdays from 6-8p and Sundays between services from 10-11a

We Are People Who Are ...

Seeking the Heart of Jesus

We believe that real life happens when we have an authentic relationship with Jesus. We aspire to be like Jesus because in the process of seeking His heart, personal transformation takes place in our own lives. We pursue Jesus because He has overcome sin and given us NEW LIFE.

Taking Faithful Steps            

We believe that it takes time to build a strong relationship with God. Therefore, we identify that true transformation occurs when we take one small step of faith after another. It’s not a sprint or a jumping contest, it’s a process, it’s a “one step at a time” process. Each small step of faith helps to strengthen our relationship with Christ.

Integrated into the Church                

We aren’t the next generation of the church, we believe that we are the Church of today. We want our young people to be connected into the life of the whole Church community and not just the Youth Ministry community. We do this by serving in other areas of the church and encouraging inter-generational connections.

Filled with the Love of God

Because we are seeking God, serving, and creating a strong relationship with God, we are confident that the Lord is filling us with His love so that we can share this amazing love with our family and friends. God’s love is powerful and transformative, and our hope is that others would see God’s love in us.

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